Panoramic Swimming Pool with Deck

Opening Shortly...

Flavourful Local Cuisine

Our local cuisine is blessed with a variety and spice of life itself ! Come and relish it !

Seperate Vegitarian Kitchen Facility

Vegitarian Food preparation is maintained in a seperate kitchen facility

Natural and inspiring environment

The farm is a lush green cover with many nature's treasures waiting to be discovered....

Abundant Fresh Produce to relish

Coconuts, Tadgolas and bananas , the local speciality !

Kelva Beach
Shitala Devi Mandir
Ashapuri Devi Mandir
Pankot Fort
Sunset Point

Places of Interest Nearby

Beach, Mandir, Fort, Market

Call for Booking :
Pritam Thakur : +91 9892617316
+91 7506641705
Prabhakar Thakur : +91 8108117708

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